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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201408Pt-based nanoarchitecture and catalyst design for fuel cell applications정남기; 정동영; 류재윤; 유성종; 성영은
201411Synthesis of arc graphene and its application into supercapacitor조현진; 박성찬; Partha Khanra; 이중희; 김환철; 김명종
201403Synthesis of an Active and Stable Ptshell-Pdcore/C Catalyst for the Electro-oxidation of Methanol최인수; 안상현; Myeong Ho Kim; 권오중; 김재정
201205Optimizing the aromatic yield and distribution from catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass over ZSM-5Andrew J. Foster; 제정호; Yu-Ting Cheng; George W. Huber; Raul F. Lobo
201407Electrodeposited NiCu Alloy Catalysts for Glucose Oxidation임지은; 안상현; 장종현; 박한수; 김수길
20157Kinetics of Methane Steam and CO2 Reforming over Ni based Catalyst박명희; 최봉관; 박윤화; 문동주; 박남국; 김영철
201408Catalytic upgrading of lignin fragments to the hydrocarbon fuels하정명; 윤지선; 아디드 아뎁; 인드리야티; 최재욱; 서동진
201404Coelectrolysis of steam and CO2 in a solid oxide electrolysis cell with ceramic composite electrodes윤성은; 송상현; 최재원; 안재영; 김병국; 박종성
200908Improvement of hydrogen sorption properties of MgH2 with various sizes and stoichiometric compositions of TiC신정훈; 이길재; 조영환; 이경섭
201110Activated carbon nanofibers as an alternative cathode catalyst to platinum in a two-chamber microbial fuel cellMostafa Ghasemi; Samaneh Shahgaldi; Manal Ismail; 김병홍; Zahira Yaakob; Wan Ramli Wan Daud