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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
199601GaAs(100) 및 GaAs(311)A 기판위에 성장시킨 InGaAs 에피층의 격자변형에 관한 연구손창식; 진현철; 한철구; 이정훈; 강준모; 김용; 김무성; 민석기; 김창수
199811Comparison of different substrate pre-treatment for GaN growth by MOCVD김현정; 변동진; 박달근; 금동화
199201Growth of γ-Al2O3 thin films on silicon by low pressure metal-organic chemical vapor deposition.이정일; S. S. Yom; W. N. Kang; Y. S. Yoon; D. J. Choi; T. W. Kim; K. Y. Seo; P. H. Hur; C. Y. Kim
199601Cross sectional analysis of laser etched groove on AlGaAs/GaAs multilayers.김성일; 민석기; 박세기; 김은규; 이천
199101Fabrication of HEMT employing delta-doping layer grown by MOCVD.김성일; 민석기; 김용; 김무성; 엄경숙; 김현수
199102Dislocation accelerated diffusion of Si in delta-doped GaAs grown on silicon substrates by MOCVD.김용; 김무성; 이주천; 민석기
199401Characterization of nitrogen-doped TiO2 thin films prepared by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition이동헌; 조용수; 이월인; 이전국; 정형진
199303MOCVD 기법으로 제작한 AlyGa1-yAs/Al χ Ga1- χ As/AlyGa1-yAs strip-loaded 도파도의 전파손실 측정김용; 박경현; 최상삼; 김선호; 변영태
199302Properties of center and edge delta-doped GaAs-AlGaAs quantum wells grown by MOCVD.김용; 김무성; 민석기
199301The properties of the quantum wires grown on V-grooved Al//0//.//3Ga//0//.//7As/GaAs substrate at atmospheric pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition.김성일; 김무성; 민석기; 이민석; 김용; 김영덕; 남산