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201502Third-body effects of native surfactants on Pt nanoparticle electrocatalysts in proton exchange fuel cells정영훈; 김수진; 정동영; 박희영; 성영은; 유성종; 장종현
201011Long-term Durability of Hydrocarbon-based Membranes for Polymer Fuel Cells김형준; 장종현
201111Sulfonated poly(ether sulfone)-based Silica nanocomposite membranes for fuel cell applicationsNambi Krishnan Nagappan; 헨켄스마이어디억; 장종현; 김형준; 조은애; 오인환; 홍성안; 남석우; 임태훈
200904The Effects of Relative Humidity on the Performances of PEMFC MEAs with Various Nafion Ionomer Contents김근호; 이관영; 이상엽; 조은애; 임태훈; 김형준; 윤성필; 김세훈; 임태원; 장종현
200908Sulfonated Poly(ether sulfone)-Based Catalyst Binder for a Proton-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell남비; 김형준; 장종현; 이상엽; 조은애; 오인환; 홍성안; 임태훈
200904Fuel cell performance of polymer electrolyte membrane based on hexafluorinated sulfonated poly(ether sulfone)남비; 김형준; 장종현; 조은애; 이상엽; 임태훈; 홍성안
200911Ionic resistances of catalyst layers in PEMFC by complex capacitance analysis of impedance data장종현; 전순열; 김수길; 김형준; 조은애; 한종희; 임태훈
200911The effect of air impurities on proton exchange membrane fuel cell performances윤영곤; 이창하; 한종희; 김형준; 조은애; 임태훈; 장종현
200904Sulfonated Polybenzimidazole Blend Membrane for Polymer Electrolyte Membranes남비; 김형준; 장종현; 조은애; 임태훈
200904Effect of Nafion Ionomer Content at Various Relative Humidities on Cathode Electrodes of Proton Exchange Memebrane Fuel Cells Using Decal Transferred MEAs전순열; 이지선; G. M. Rios; 김형준; 조은애; 이상엽; 임태훈; 장종현