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201012The effects of relative humidity on the performances of PEMFC MEAs with various Nafion ionomer contents김근호; 이관영; 이상엽; 조은애; 임태훈; 김형준; 윤성필; 김세훈; 임태원; 장종현
201212Effects of Pt loading in the anode on the durability of a membrane-electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells during startup/shutdown cycling엄광섭; 김경희; 조은애; 장종현; 김형준; 유성종; 김수길; 홍보기
201210Effects of Pt loading in anode electrode on the degradation of MEA for PEMFCs during startup/shutdown cycling조은애; 엄광섭; 임태훈; 장종현; 김형준
201005Effects of Cathode Inlet Relative Humidity on PEMFC Durability during Startup-Shutdown Cycling: II. Diagnostic Study김재홍; 조유연; 조은애; 장종현; 김형준; 임태훈; 오인환; 고재준; Son Ik Jae
200809Enhancement of Initial and Long-term Performances of PEMFC MEAs Made by Spray Method김근호; 장종현; 이관영; 이상엽; 조은애; 임태훈; 김형준
200809Preparation of MEAs by Decal Process and their PEMFC Performances장종현; 이선민; 이혜진; 이지선; 김형준; 이상엽; 조은애; 임태훈
201008Degradation of PEMFC under Startup/Shutdown Cycling Operation김재홍; 조유연; 조은애; 임태훈; 오인환; 김형준; 장종현
200906Development of a Durable PEMFC Startup Process by Applying a Dummy Load: I. Electrochemical Study김재홍; 조은애; 장종현; 김형준; 임태훈; 오인환; 고재준; 오승찬
201004Synthesis and characterization of phosphoric acid doped poly(benzimidazole-co-benzoxazole) membranes for high temperature PEM fuel cells이동훈; 이혜진; 김병각; 김수길; 조은애; 장종현; 임태훈; 김형준
201211Degradation mechanism of automotive PEMFCs: Effects of Pt loading in the electrodes on the durability of a MEA for PEMFCs during startup/shutdown cycling엄광섭; 김경희; 김민중; 조은애; 임태훈; 장종현