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200711Integration of PEMFC and trickling bed bioreactor for biological high-rate hydrogen production전병승; 엄영순; 이선미; 이상엽; 김형준; 김용환; 구만복; 상병인
200503Performance of a 1 kW-Class PEMFC Stack Using TiN-Coated 316 Stainless Steel Bipolar Plates조은애; 전의식; 홍성안; 오인환; 강성군
200801Performance Analysis of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) Integrated with a Trickling Bed Bioreactor for Biological High-Rate Hydrogen Production전병승; 엄영순; 이선미; 이상엽; 김형준; 김용환; 구만복; 상병인
200711Effect of solvent in the sol-gel preparation of platinum-carbon aerogel catalysts for PEMFC서동진; 김현중; 박형상
201502Membrane Modifications to Increase Performance and Lifetime헨켄스마이어디억
200610Polymer materials for polymer electrolyte fuel cells: Sulfonated poly(ether sulfone)s for fuel cell membranes김형준; 이상엽; 조은애; 하흥용; 오인환; 임태훈
200610Novel membrane electrode assembly (MEA) fabrication for PEMFC operations under non-humidified conditions김형준; 조은애; 이상엽; 오인환; 임태훈
200609Sulfonated poly(ether sulfone) for universal polymer electrolyte fuel cell operations김형준; N Krishnan; 이상엽; 황상엽; 김대진; 정경진; 이재광; 조은애; 이재영; 한종희; 하흥용; 임태훈
200602Membrane electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte fuel cells김형준; 조은애; 이상엽; 임태훈