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199809공소결법으로 제작된 평판형 고체산화물 연료전지의 성능 분석남석우; 윤성필; 하흥용; 홍성안; 윤종민; 한이섭; 양진; 이상호; 서일영
199809고체산화물 연료전지 기술개발 현황오승모; 남석우
201406Mechanisms of enhanced sulfur tolerance on samarium (Sm)-doped cerium oxide (CeO2) from first principlesDong-Hee Lim; 김희수; 윤성필; 한종희; 윤창원; 최선희; 남석우; 함형철
201304Near surface decoration of Sr1-xYx TiO3 with transition metals for controlling the SOFC anode reactions: Firstprinciples study함형철; 김희수; 임동희; 윤창원; 윤성필; 한종희; 남석우
201311Enhancing the Surface Reactivity of SrxY1-xTiO₃Mixed Ionic and Electronic Conductor Toward Fuel Oxidation in SOFC: First-Principles Study함형철; 김희수; 윤성필; 한종희; 남석우
200806Improvement of Cathode Performance for Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells강중구; 김진수; 한종희; 남석우; 임태훈; 윤성필
201211SDC(Samaria doped ceria) effects on the yttria-doped strontium titanium oxide with H2 and CH4김희수; 함형철; 윤성필; 한종희; 남석우; 홍성안
200505Mixed-Fuels Fuel Cell Running on Methane-Air Mixture윤성필; 김현재; 박병탁; 남석우; 한종희; 임태훈; 홍성안
200506Performance of an Anode-supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cell in a Mixed-gas Configuration보누엔수안풍; 남석우; 윤성필; 한종희; 임태훈; 홍성안
200410Development of electrochemical cell for internal reforming of CO2 by CH4 in SOFC system문동주; 박종민; 유계상; 남석우; 김훈식; 이병권