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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200608Diffraction and application in nanostructure using electron microscopy안재평; 박종구
200604Structural and optical properties of In0.5Ga0.5As/GaAs quantum dots in an In0.1Ga0.9As well using repeated depositions of InAs/GaAs short-period superlattices for the application of optical communication송진동; 최원준; 이정일; 이정용
200502Superparamagnetic properties of nickel nanoparticles in an ion-exchange polymer filmM. Yoon; Y. Kim; Y.M. Kim; V. Volkov; H.J. Song; 박용주; I.W. Park
201504Dark-field Transmission Electron Microscopy Imaging Technique to Visualize the Local Structure of Two-dimensional MAterial나민영; 이승모; 김도향; 장혜정
201411Real Time Characterization of the Surface Degradation and Thermal Stability of Charged Ni-based Cathode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries황수연; 김세영; 김승민; 조병원; 정경윤; 이정용; Eric A. Stach; 장원영
200810Synthesis and Characterization of Freestanding Diamond/Carbon Nanoflake Hybrid Films이재갑; Phillip John; 김수철; 이욱성; J.I.B. Wilsion
200302Nanostructures of SiNx and Si formed by exposure of ionized gas정민철; 이태경; 박용주; 고창훈; 전승호; 함철영; 한문섭; 박경완
201511Strengthening behavior of carbon/metal nanocomposites신세은; 최현주; 황준연; 배동현
201510Irradiation induced defects in FCC high entropy composite alloy김진연; 임종욱; 유승조; 김준곤; 박은수; 장혜정
201509Role of oxygen functional groups in graphene oxide for reversible room-temperature NO2 sensingYou Rim Choi; Young-Gui Yoon; Kyoung Soon Choi; Jong Hun Kang; Young-Seok Shim; Yeon Hoo Kim; 장혜정; Jong-Heun Lee; Chong Rae Park; Soo Young Kim; Ho Won Jang