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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201012Studies on the production of hydrogen by the Steam Reforming of Glycerol over Ni based Catalysts허은; 문동주
201501Steam Reforming of Glycerol Over Nano Size Ni-Ce/LaAlO3 catalysts김성학; 고유진; 박남국; 김정호; 김영철; 문동주
201301Aquoues Phase Reforming of Glycerol Over Nanosize Cu-Ni Catalysts김지연; Seong Hak Kim; 문동주; 김종호; 박남국; 김영철
201301Steam Reforming of Glycerol for Hydrogen Production Over Supported Nickel Catalysts on Alumina최가영; 김영철; 문동주; 서곤; 박남국
201301Dehydration of Glycerol Over Niobia-Supported Silicotungstic Acid Catalysts이영이; 옥혜정; 문동주; 김종호; 박남국; 김영철
201010Studies on the Steam Reforming of Glycerol over Nano-sized Ni based Hydrotalcite-like Catalysts허은; 이승환; 문동주
201210Hydrogen Production From Glycerol Reforming Over Hydrogen Production From Glycerol Reforming Over Ni Based Catalysts문동주; 조수현; 김승훈; 이승환; 김방희; 김상우; Arunabha Datta; 이관영
201112Production of hydrogen by aqueous phase reforming of glycerol over Ni-supported La-Al perovskite type catalysts문동주; 조수현; 이승환; 김승훈; 김영철
201112Steam reforming of glycerol over La-modified Ni based hydrotalcite-like catalyst이승환; 김승훈; 조수현; 김영철; 문동주
201412Novel macro-micro channel reactor for reforming glycerol produced from biodiesel productions박대일; 이창욱; 문동주; 김태규