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200210Characterization of Ni-GDC composite material for solid oxide fuel cell anodes by equilibrium adsorption method이상욱; 김준호; 김태윤; 문동주; 홍석인
200304Cu를 담지한 perovskite 산화물 촉매의 제작과 전자 전기전도도에 미치는 영향이현철; 성대진; 김준호; 문동주; 홍석인
200210Preparation and characterization of thin film electrolyte for SOFC by electrostatic spray pyrolysis method박영선; 김준호; 김태윤; 문동주; 홍석인
200410Development of electrochemical cell for internal reforming of CO2 by CH4 in SOFC system문동주; 박종민; 유계상; 남석우; 김훈식; 이병권
200410Carbon dioxide reforming by methane over Ni-YSZ-CeO2 catalyst문동주; 박종민; 류종우; 강동민; 유계상; 김홍곤; 이병권
200601Cogeneration of a Synthesis Gas and Electricity by Internal Reforming of methane by Carbon Dioxide in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System문동주; 박종민; 강정식; 유계상; 홍석인
200809Hydrogen Production by Catalytic Reforming of Gaseous Hydrocarbons (Methane & LPG)문동주
200606Hydrogen production by catalytic reforming of CO2 by CH4 over Ni based catalysts and it's applications문동주; 강정식; 류종우; 김대현; 유계상; 이현주; 김홍곤; 이상득; 안병성; 이병권
200608High Temperature Electrolysis of Steam Using SOFC문동주; 이상득
200510The Performance of Cu/Ni alloy based on perovskite catalyst anode in SOFC type reactor장성혁; 홍석인; 문동주; 김준호; 김광호