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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-05Aerosol-Processed Nanomaterials for Antimicrobial Air Filtration배귀남; 정재희
2016-08Antimicrobial Air Filter Fabrication Using a Continuous High-Throughput Aerosol-Based Process배귀남; 정재희; 강준상; 김한나; 최정안; 이학; 서성철
201309Preparation of Monolithic Cu(In0.7Ga0.3)Se2 Nanopowders and Subsequent Fabrication of Sintered CIGS Films송봉근; 정재희; 배귀남; 박형호; 박종구; 조소혜
201401Real-time detection of an airborne microorganism using inertial impaction and mini-fluorescent microscopy강준상; 이강수; 김상수; 배귀남; 정재희
200708Evaluation of a silver nanoparticle generator using a small ceramic heater for inactivation of S. epidermidis bioaerosols지준호; 배귀남; 윤선화; 정재희; 노형수; 김상수
201111Characteristics of Background Nanoparticle Concentration in a TiO2 Manufacturing Laboratory박승호; 정재희; 이승복; 배귀남; 지현석; 조소혜
201304Comparison of antibacterial ability of air filter media treated with a natural antibacterial agent by three treatment methods박선영; 정재희; 황기병; 배귀남; 김용표; 노주원
201404Effects of Electric Field Strength on an Antimicrobial Air Filter황기병; 박현설; 배귀남; 정재희
201409Development and evaluation of antimicrobial activated carbon fiber filters using Sophora flavescens nanoparticles심경미; 김경환; 황기병; 서성철; 배귀남; 정재희
201403Effects of Surrounding Temperature on Antimicrobial Air Filters Coated with Sophora flavescens Nanoparticles심경미; 이희주; 노주원; 배귀남; 정재희