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201207Catalytic oxidation of benzene with ozone over nanoporous Mn/MCM-48 catalyst박종화; 정종수; 배귀남; 박성훈; 전종기; 김상채; 김지만; 박영권
201304Benzene oxidation with ozone over MnOx/SBA-15 catalystsMingshi Jin; 김중환; 김지만; 전종기; 정종수; 배귀남; 박영권
201204Preparation and characterization of Mn2O3/TiO2 nanomaterials synthesized by combination of CVC and impregnation method with different Mn loading concentration박은석; ; 김연석; 진성민; 배귀남; 정종수
201311Catalytic Oxidation of Benzene Using Mesoporous α-Mn2O3Hyung Bum An; Ji Man Kim; 정종수; 배귀남; Jong-Ki Jeon; Sung Hoon Park; Young-Kwon Park
201404Benzene oxidation with ozone at low temperature over an MnOx nanoparticle synthesized by spray pyrolysisJ. H. Kim; 정종수; 배귀남; J.K. Jeon; K.Y. Jung; S.C. Kim; J.H. Yim; Y.K. Park
201211Visible-Light-Induced Bactericidal Activity of Vanadium-Pentoxide (V2O5)-Loaded TiO2 Nanoparticles김연석; 송민영; 박은석; 진성민; 배귀남; 정종수
201110Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanoparticles prepared by chemical vapor condensation method with different precursor concentration and residence time진성민; 박은석; 김민수; 배귀남; 정종수
201108Effect of Mn Precursors on Benzene Oxidation with Ozone Over MnOx/MCM-41 at Low Temperature이조림; 정종수; 배귀남; 전종기; 김상채; 김지만; Mingshi Jin; 박영권
201506Characteristics of particle and CO contamination in a smoking room caused by Korean tobacco김종범; 김경환; 류성희; 김민수; 정종수; 윤성택; 배귀남
201202Effect of the support material (TiO2) synthesis conditions in chemical vapor condensation on the catalytic oxidation for 1,2-dichlorobenzene over V2O5/TiO2진성민; 박은석; 김민수; 배귀남; 정종수