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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201512Study of PM10 and CO2 concentrations in public transportation vehicles considering the congestion effect정준식; 김종범; 김성연; 이우석; 배귀남; 박덕신; 권순박
2016-04Estimation of an occupational exposure limit for multi-walled carbon nanotubes manufactured in Korea김종범; 김경환; 최병길; 송경석; 배귀남
2016-02Effect of air flow rates on concurrent supply and exhaust kitchen ventilation system배귀남; 이근우; 김영일
2016-02A multivariate receptor modeling study of air-borne particulate PAHs: Regional contributions in a roadside environment배귀남; 김진영; 이승복; 서지훈; Bong Mann Kim; Sunwha Kim; Ji Yi Lee
2016-04Review of recent smog chamber studies for secondary organic aerosol배귀남; 김진영; 이승복; 김화진; 임용빈
2016-05Aerosol-Processed Nanomaterials for Antimicrobial Air Filtration배귀남; 정재희
201602Indoor-to-outdoor particle concentration ratio model for human exposure analysis이재영; 류성희; 이광재; 배귀남
2016-08Antimicrobial Air Filter Fabrication Using a Continuous High-Throughput Aerosol-Based Process배귀남; 정재희; 강준상; 김한나; 최정안; 이학; 서성철
2016-06Performance characteristics of a single-stage electrostatic precipitator for removal of dust in subway tunnels배귀남; 김종범; 우상희; 김민락
2016-06Diurnal variation of the dust concentration in a railway tunnel배귀남; 김종범; 우상희; 황문세; 탁길현; 윤화현; 육세진