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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
199806Investigation of aerosol spatial distributions downstream of a critical orifice at low pressure배귀남; Patrick D. Kinney; Benjamin Y. H. Liu; David Y. H. Pui
201112Antimicrobial air filtration using airborne Sophora flavescens natural-product nanoparticles정재희; 황기병; 박선영; 이정은; 노주원; 이병욱; 배귀남
201206Analytical expression on characteristic time scale of black carbon aging due to condensation of hygroscopic species박영권; 박성훈; 배귀남
201002Size response of an SMPS-APS system to commercial multi-walled carbon nanotubes이승복; 이준현; 배귀남
201209Distinguishing Biotic and Abiotic Particles Using an Ultraviolet Aerodynamic Particle Sizer for Real-Time Detection of Bacterial Bioaerosols정재희; 박선영; 이정은; 이병욱; 배귀남
201210Evaluation of antimicrobial durability on natural product nanoparticle-deposited air filter황기병; 권보미; 노주원; 정재희; 배귀남
200803Effect of light intensity on the ozone formation and the aerosol number concentration of ambient air in Seoul배귀남; 박주연; 김민철; 이승복; 문길주; 김용표
200401Design and performance evaluation of a three stage impactor for atmospheric aerosols지준호; 배귀남; 황정호
200404Formation and growth of atmospheric aerosols by water vapor reactions in an indoor smog chamber김민철; 배귀남; 문길주; 박주연
200410Effect of light intensity on the photochemical reactions of ambient air이승복; 이영미; 최지은; 배귀남; 문길주