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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201207Catalytic oxidation of benzene with ozone over nanoporous Mn/MCM-48 catalyst박종화; 정종수; 배귀남; 박성훈; 전종기; 김상채; 김지만; 박영권
201304Benzene oxidation with ozone over MnOx/SBA-15 catalystsMingshi Jin; 김중환; 김지만; 전종기; 정종수; 배귀남; 박영권
201310Effect of temperature on aerosol formation potential for a terpene-rich air freshener in the presence of ozoneThai Phuong Vu; 이승복; 배귀남
200410The secondary products by ozone-initiated reaction with terpenes emitted from natural paint정상근; 라모레나; 이우진; 배귀남; 문길주; 김신도
201103Nanoparticle formation from a commercial air freshener at real-exposure concentrations of ozone타이프엉부; 김선화; 이승복; 심상규; 배귀남; 손종렬
200704Ultra-fine particles and gaseous volatile organic compound exposures from the reaction of ozone and car-air freshener during metropolis travelRheo B. Lamorena; 박수미; 배귀남; 이우진
201108Effect of Mn Precursors on Benzene Oxidation with Ozone Over MnOx/MCM-41 at Low Temperature이조림; 정종수; 배귀남; 전종기; 김상채; 김지만; Mingshi Jin; 박영권
200603Effect of light intensity on the photooxidation of toluene-NOx-air mixture최지은; 배귀남; 주옥정; 이승복; 문길주; 윤순창
200606Potential irritating compounds formed from the ozone-initiated reaction with terpenes emitted from car air freshener배귀남; R.B. Lamorena; 박수미; 이우진
200803Effect of light intensity on the ozone formation and the aerosol number concentration of ambient air in Seoul배귀남; 박주연; 김민철; 이승복; 문길주; 김용표