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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200007Characteristics of aerosols measured at Tokchok Island over the Yellow Sea이승복; 배귀남; 김용표; 진현철; 문길주
200001Relationship among inorganic species in fine particles measured at two background sites in Korea김용표; 배귀남; 이종훈; 문길주; 김희강
200211Indoor smog chamber study IV : observations of the nucleation burst and subsequent condensational growth of aerosol particles during the photochemical reaction김민철; 배귀남; 이승복; 문길주
200204Indoor smog chamber study: effect of light intensity on the formation of atmospheric aerosols김민철; 박주연; 배귀남; 김용표; 문길주
200305Characteristics of formation and growth of aerosol particles in an indoor smog chamber.김민철; 배귀남; 이승복; 진현철; 문길주; 박주연; 김용표
200307Simulation of nucleation and growth of particles by photochemical reactions.이승복; 이영미; 배귀남; 김민철; 문길주; 정재인; 최만수
200107Shipboard measurement of marine aerosols over the yellow sea배귀남; 이승복; 송기범; 나광삼; 문길주
200108Atmospheric input of nitrogen and sulfur by dry deposition to the Yellow Sea김진영; 김영성; 이승복; 배귀남; 문길주; 원재광; 윤순창
200108Characteristics of TSP and PM2.5 measured at Tokchok Island in the Yellow Sea이승복; 배귀남; 김용표; 문길주
200211Indoor smog chamber study Ⅲ: effect of initial particle size distribution on the formation and growth of secondary aerosols박주연; 배귀남; 김민철; 김용표; 문길주