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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200305Performance evaluation of a low pressure impactor for nano environmental aerosols.조명훈; 지준호; 배귀남; 박동호; 황정호
200307다이오드형 코로나 하전기 설계 및 성능평가 .조명훈; 지준호; 배귀남; 박동호; 황정호
200508The roadside measurement of vehicle exhaust particles in Seoul안민하; 박동호; 정상근; 배귀남; 황정호
200603Development and performance test of high-flow unipolar diffusion charger for real-time measurement of the submicron aerosol mean diameter박동호; 안민하; 배귀남; 황정호
200407Design and Performance Evaluation of a Portable 3-Stage Electrical Low Pressure Impactor(P-ELI) for Measurements of Submicron Aerosol조명훈; 지준호; 박동호; 배귀남; 황정호
200409Design and performance evaluation of a diode type corona charger for real-time measurement of the submicron aerosol조명훈; 지준호; 박동호; 배귀남; 황정호
200703Ultrafine particle pollution level at the roadside of Seoul in spring배귀남; 허선영; 이승복; 안민하; 박동호; 황정호
200607신촌 도로변 극미세입자의 이동도 및 NOx 상관관계허선영; 박동호; 안민하; 배귀남; 황정호
200709Design and performance evaluation of a three-stage impactor for rapid bioaerosol detection by ATP bioluminescence윤기영; 박동호; 변정훈; 황정호; 지준호; 배귀남
200708Transport of traffic-related particles near the roadside이승복; 배귀남; 허선영; 박동호; 황정호