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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10Effects of antimicrobial air filters on the viability and culturability of airborne bacteria배귀남; 정재희; 황기병; 권보미; 이승재; 이병욱; 심경미
201108Real-time measurement of UV-inactivated Escherichia coli bacterial particles by electrospray-assisted UVAPS spectrometry정재희; 이정은; 배귀남
201209Real-time measurement of continuous thermal-inactivated bioaerosols by aerosol fluorescence sensor with dual UV- and Vis-channels정재희; 황기병; 권보미; 이정은; 배귀남
201209Distinguishing Biotic and Abiotic Particles Using an Ultraviolet Aerodynamic Particle Sizer for Real-Time Detection of Bacterial Bioaerosols정재희; 박선영; 이정은; 이병욱; 배귀남
201109Real-time detection of bacterial bioaerosols using the aerosol fluorescence sensor with dual channels of UV- and Vis-band정재희; 이정은; 황기병; 배귀남
200809Antimicrobial Performance Test of Air Filters using a Bioaerosol Generating System김선화; 윤선화; 이승복; 배귀남; 이병욱; 지준호
200808Antimicrobial characteristics of silver nanoparticles against indoor fungal bioaerosols윤선화; 배귀남; 이병욱; 지준호
200708Artificial generation of fungal spore bioaerosols이병욱; 김영중; 윤선화; 배귀남; 지준호
200709Antifungal characteristics of nanoparticles against indoor bioaerosols윤선화; 배귀남; 이병욱
200609Passing airborne silver nanoparticles generated from the electrical furnace through the filter system as an antimicrobial method against S. epidermidis bioaerosols이병욱; 배귀남; 윤선화; 지준호