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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06Effect of Cs2CO3 in Li/K and Li/Na carbonate on the oxygen reduction reaction for MCFC남석우; 윤성필; 장성철; 한종희; 함형철; 윤창원; 박현서; 강민구; 김성현
201602NH3 adsorption on PtM(Fe.Co,Ni) surfaces: Cooperating effects of charge transfer, magnetic ordering and lattice strainSatadeep Bhattacharjee; 유성종; Umesh Waghmare; 이승철
201603Theoretical study on the electronic structure and properties of the PBI- and tetrazole-derived polymers for fuel-cell applicationsMateus Brela; Karol Dyduch; 헨켄스마이어디억; Artur Michalak
201601Synthesis and Properties of Nitrogen and Iodine Co-Functionalized Graphene Oxide and Its Electrochemical Applications이철호; 강길성; 이윤기; 이성호; 조성무; 유성종; 장종현; 이도창; 조한익
2016-06High-performance PtCux@Pt core-shell nanoparticles decorated with nanoporous Pt surfaces for oxygen reduction reaction유성종; 정남기; 손연선; 박진후; 남기석; 김필
200306Synthesis of hydrous solid ZrO₂ electrolyte film for micro fuel cell and all solid-state microsupercapcitorJ. H. Jeong; H. K. Kim; 오인환; T. H. Lee; 윤영수
200204Development of gasoline fuel reformer for fuel-cell vehicles : POX reforming of gasoline over transition metal catalysts류종우; 문동주; 이상득; 이병권; 안병성
200304Cu를 담지한 perovskite 산화물 촉매의 제작과 전자 전기전도도에 미치는 영향이현철; 성대진; 김준호; 문동주; 홍석인
200106Removal of carbon monoxide from hydrogen rich fuels by selective low-temperature oxidation over modified platinum catalyst서동진; 곽찬; 김진홍; 권세만; 박태진
200210Characteristics of the polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell at temperatures below zero degree조은애; 하흥용; 홍성안; 오인환; 고재준; 이관영; 임태원; 조원석