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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-03Two-Color Emitting Colloidal Nanocrystals as Single-Particle Ratiometric Probes of Intracellular pH배완기; Francesco Bruni; Jacopo Pedrini; Caterina Bossio; Beatriz Santiago-Gonzalez; Francesco Meinardi; Victor I. Klimov; Guglielmo Lanzani; Sergio Brovelli
2016-07The Role of Emission Layer Morphology on the Enhanced Performance of Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Quantum Dot-Semiconducting Polymer Hybrids배완기; Yeonkyung Lee; Jun Hyuk Chang; Myeongjin Park; Ana Fokina; Younghun Sung; Kookheon Char; Changhee Lee; Rudolf Zentel
2015-12Selective nanomanipulation of fluorescent polystyrene nano-beads and single quantum dots at gold nanostructures based on the AC-dielectrophoretic force신현준; 이상엽; 황교선; 김진식; 박정호
2016-05Interfacial Crystallization-Driven Assembly of Conjugated Polymers/Quantum Dots into Coaxial Hybrid Nanowires: Elucidation of Conjugated Polymer Arrangements by Electron Tomography임정아; 진선미; 김인혜; 안형주; 이은지
201601Wan Ki Bae [HTML] from Side-chain conjugated polymers for use in the active layers of hybrid semiconducting polymer/quantum dot light emitting diodesAna Fokina; Yeonkyung Lee; 장준혁; Lydia Braun; 배완기; Kookheon Char; Changhee Lee; Rudolf Zentel
2016-09Influence of External Pressure on the Performance of Quantum Dot Solar Cells배완기; Jaehoon Kim; Byeong Guk Jung; Heebum Roh; Jiyun Song; Myeongjin Park; Doh C. Lee; Changhee Lee
200106The influence of a buried misfit dislocation network on the pyramid-to-dome transition size in Ge self-assembled quantum dots on Si(001)H.J.Kim; 장준연; Y.H.Xie
200204The structural and optical properties of GaAs-SiO₂ composite thin films with varying GaAs nano-particle size이성훈; 김원목; 신동욱; 조성훈; 정병기; 이택성; 이경석
200308Characteristics of superluminescent diodes utilizing In0.5Ga0.5As quantum dots허두창; 송진동; 최원준; 이정일; 정지채; 한일기
200212Single-electron tunneling through a heavily doped GaAs quantum dot손승훈; 최범호; K. H. Cho; 황성우; 박영민; 박용주; 김은규; 안도열