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201207Microstructure and magnetic property of Fe/MgO layer on GaAs and InAs (001) substrates김경호; 김형준; 최준우; 장준연; 김영근
201207Structure and magnetic properties of epitaxial Fe/MgO/Si(001) heterostructures조정홍; 김경호; 남윤재; 김형준; 장준연; 임상호
201204Magnetic Anisotropy and Morphology of Fe Epitaxial Layers Grown on MgO/InAs Heterostructures김경호; 김형준; 안재평; 한준현; 최준우; 장준연
200906In-Plane Magnetic Anisotropy Dependence of MgO Growth temperature in Fe/MgO on InAs(001) Substrates김경호; 김형준; 신일재; 한석희
200912스핀 주입용 Fe/MgO/GaAs 구조에서 MgO층 성장온도에 따른 구조적 및 자기적 특성김현승; 김형준; 최준우; 김경호; 한석희
200108Epitaxial growths of Fe and MgO layers on GaAs (001): Microstructure and magnetic property김경호; 김형준; 안재평; 이승철; 원성옥; 최준우; 장준연; 김영근
201211Microstructure and magnetic properties of epitaxial Fe grown on MgO/InAs (001) substrates김경호; 김형준; 김영근; 장준연
201209Microstructural changes of epitaxial Fe/MgO layers grown on InxGa1-xAs substrates김경호; 김형준; 김영근; 장준연
200812Influence of Growth Temperature on the Magnetic Anisotropy of Co Grown on GaAs (001) Substrates김경호; 김형준; 송진동; 구현철; 장준연; 한석희
200812Epitaxial Relationship of Fe/MgO on InxGa1-xAs Substrates김경호; 김형준; 신일재; 한준현; 한석희