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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200112Evaluation of DNA damage in pesticide sprayers using single cell gel electrophoresis이연경; 이도영; 이은일; 이동배; 류재천; 김해준; 설동근
200004Evaluation of DNA strand-breakage of seven phthalate analogues, potential endocrine disrupting chemicals, using single cell gel electrophoresis (comet assay)김형태; Y. G. Chai; 류재천
200004Evaluation of estrogenic activities and DNA strand breaks of seven phthalate esters류재천; 송윤선; 김연정; 김형태
200004Cytogenetic, DNA strand breakage and forward gene mutation studies of higenamine, a constituent of aconite sp., in mammalian cells김형태; 윤혜숙; 장기철; 이덕형; 류재천
200001Single cell gel/comet assay: guidelines for in vitro and in vivo genetic toxicology testingR. R. Tice; E. Agurell; D. Anderson; B. Burlinson; A. Hartmann; H. Kobayashi; Y. Miyamae; E. Rojas; 류재천; Y. F. Sasaki
200004DNA strand breakage and forward gene mutation study of thioredoxin-C1, an antiviral protein, in mammalian cells김형태; 방형애; 유연규; 류재천
200712Toxicogenomic Study to Identify Potential New Mechanistic Markers on Direct-Acting Mutagens in Human Hepatocytes (THLE-3)김연정; 송미경; 송미; 류재천
200711Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals사르마; 김연정; 류재천
201203Gene Expression Analysis Identifies DNA Damage-related Markers of Benzo[a]pyrene Exposure in HepG2 Human Hepatocytes송미경; 윤지성; 송미; 최한샘; 신찬영; Kim Youn-Jung; Ryu Woo-In; 이효선; 류재천