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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200211All-optical logic gates and their applications using SOAs변영태; 김재헌; 전영민; 우덕하; 이석; 김선호
200310All-optical logic gates using semiconductor optical amplifier based devices and their applications김재헌; 김영일; 변영태; 박민철; 전영민; 이석; 김선호; 우덕하
200105Photonic gates for optical signal processing이석; 강병권; 김재헌; 변영태; 우덕하
200301Photonics logic gates based on SOA이석; 김재헌; 변영태; 전영민; 우덕하; 김선호
200201All optical NOR logic gate with wavelength conversion using SOA/DFB-LD김영일; 손창완; 김재헌; 변영태; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호; 윤태훈
201004All-Optical OR/NOR Bi-functional Logic Gate by Using Cross-gain Modulation in Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers최경선; 변영태; 이석; 전영민
200411Realization of All-Optical Full Adder Using Cross-Gain Modulation김재헌; 김상헌; 손창완; 옥성해; 김성진; 최재원; 변영태; 전영민; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호
200706All-Optical Digital Logic Circuit based on NOR-Only Two-Level Simplification Method정영진; 손창완; 박남규; 이석
200310All-optical signal processing using semiconductor optical amplifier based logic gates김재헌; 손창완; 김영일; 변영태; 전영민; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호; 최영완
200607Realization of All-Optical multi-functional logic gates by Using cross gain modulation of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers손창완; 김상헌; 이종석; 전영민; 변영태; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호; 윤태훈