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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-01Total Synthesis of Ambruticin임상민; 이은; 최승집; 김한; 한희운; 김영근; 민선준; 손성희; 장원석
2002-06Morphology evolution and anisotropic phase formation of the maleated polyethylene-layered silicate nanocomposites구종민; 함형택; 김상욱; 왕기현; 정인재; 김대철; 진왕철
2002-07Morphology and physical properties of polyethylene/silicate nanocomposite prepared by melt intercalation구종민; 왕기현; 최민호; Mingzhe Xu; 정인재; 장민철; 최순웅; 송현훈
200206Influence of carbon fiber surface treatments on the structure and properties of conductive carbon fiber/polyethylene filmsV.S. Mironov; 박민; 최철림; 김준경; 임순호; 고현협
200211Dependence of surface smoothing, sputtering and etching phenomena on cluster ion dosage송재훈; 최덕균; 최원국
200203Ion chromatographic determination of inorganic anions in environmental samples of Korea박현미; 김영만; Dai Woon Lee; 이수원; 이강봉
200212Synthesis and anti-HCMV activity of novel acyclic nucleosides이재영; 오창현; 고옥현; 홍준희
200209TFT-LCD 주도 구도 속, PDP, 유기 ELD 등 도전 강력 - 평판 디스플레이 산업, 혼용의 시대에서 완전한 디지털 시대 정착주병권
200205Analytical model for intrinsic residual stress effects and out-of-plane deflections in free-standing thick films정증현; 권동길; 백영준
200210Study on the light-current characteristics of 1.55 um InGaAsP/InP MQW-LD with highly p-doped InGaAsP/InP layer한일기; 허두창; 최원준; 이정일