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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-01Sorption kinetics of aqueous benzene for attached bacteria on sorbents최재우; Nag-Choul Choi; Basuvaraj Mahendran; Dong-Ju Kim; Cheol-Eui Lee
2007-10Novel three-stage kinetic model for aqueous benzene adsorption on activated carbon최재우; Nag-Choul Choi; Soon-Jae Lee; Dong-Ju Kim
2007-02Desorption kinetics of benzene in a sandy soil in the presence of powdered activated carbon최재우; Song-Bae Kim; Dong-Ju Kim
2007-09Stereoselective Synthesis of (+)?IKD?8344임상민; 김우한; 홍성길; 주민애; 정순규; 김용욱; 정재훈; 권민상; 이은
2007-01Effects of surface fluorination of TiO2 on photocatalytic oxidation of gaseous acetaldehyde김화진; 최원용
200702Ti-based amorphous alloys and composites as potential candidate materials for energy applications자야락스미; 김기배; 조영환; 에릭플러리
200701Friction behavior of chemical vapor deposited self-assembled monolayers on silicon wafer아르빈드 싱; 윤의성; 한흥구; 공호성
200703Development of recycling technology from waste aggregate and dust from waste concrete김구대; 김태봉
200710Epothilones induce human colon cancer SW620 cell apoptosis via the tubulin polymerization-independent activation of the nuclear factor-kB/IkB kinase Signal PathwaySeung Ho Lee; Seung Mo Son; Dong Ju Son; Sun Mi Kim; Taek Joong Kim; Sukgil Song; Dong Cheul Moon; Hyo Won Lee; 류재천; Do-Young Yoon; Jin Tae Hong
200708Human glycine α1 receptor inhibition by quercetin is abolished or inversed by α267 mutations in transmembrane domain 2이병환; 이준호; 윤인수; 이준희; 최선혜; 표미경; 정상민; 최우성; 신태준; 이상목; 임혜원; 박용선; 한예선; 백현동; 조상구; 김천호; 임융호; 나승열