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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-11Modeling of growth kinetics for Pseudomonas putida during toluene degradation최재우; Nag-Choul Choi; Song-Bae Kim; Dong-Ju Kim
2008-08Regeneration of AG-AC beads for adsorption of monoaromatic compounds최재우; Seung-Gun Chung; Dong-Ju Kim; Cheol Eui Lee
2008-05Pulse-Amplitude Equalization of Rational-Harmonically Mode-Locked Fiber Ring Laser Using Polarization-Maintaining Laser Resonator김선호; 변영태; 우덕하; 전영민; 이석
200812Fabrication of Magnetic Tunnel Junctions With Co?? FeSi Heusler Alloy and MgO Crystalline Barrier임우창; 최경민; 이택동; 서순애
200803Macroporous TiO2 thin film gas sensors obtained using colloidal templates김일두; Avner Rothoschild; 양대진; Harry L. Tuller
200808Electronic structural changes of the electrochemically delithiated LiFe0.5Co0.5PO4 cathode material studied by X-ray absorption spectroscopy윤원섭; 정경윤; 남경완; James McBreen; Deyu Wang; Xuejie Huang; Hong Li; Liquan Chen; Xiao-Qing Yang
200808Zwitterionic imidazolium compounds with high cathodic stability as additives for lithium battery electrolytes누엔딘퀀; 배현우; 전은희; 이재성; 정민석; 김홍곤; 김훈식; 이현주
200806Large Spin Diffusion Length in an Amorphous Organic SemiconductorJ.H. Shim; K.V. Raman; 박용주; T. S. Santos; G. X. Miao; B. Satpati; J. S. Moodera
200802Microwave absorption of λ/4 wave absorbers using high permeability magnetic composites in quasimicrowave frequency band이경섭; 윤여춘; 김상우; 김성수
200805Reliable Wavelength-Division-Multiplexed Passive Optical Network Using Novel Protection Scheme이관일; 문실구; 이창희; 이상배