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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-11New method for determination of equilibrium/kinetic sorption parameters최재우; Soon-Jae Lee; Seung-Gun Chung; Dong-Ju Kim; Cheol Eui Lee
2009-05Adsorption of zinc and toluene by alginate complex impregnated with zeolite and activated carbon최재우; Ki-Seok Yang; Dong-Ju Kim; Cheol Eui Lee
2009-04A Method for the Preparation of Differentiated trans-1,2-Diol Derivatives with Enantio- and Diastereocontrol임상민; Nicholas Hill; Andrew G. Myers
200902Mass spectrometry based metabolomic approaches in urinary biomarker study of women's cancers우한민; 김경미; 최만호; 정병화; 이정애; 공구; 남석진; 김성훈; 배상욱; 정봉철
200901Surface modification of polymers using a multi-step plasma treatment문명운; Ashkan Vaziri
200904Correlation between Structure and Vapor Sorption in Semicrystalline Linear Polyethylene: One Dimensional Nano-Swelling Measured Using in Situ Vapor Sorption Small Angle Neutron Scattering (iVSANS)김만호; Glinka, Charles J.
200903Electrodeposited porous and amorphous copper oxide film for application in supercapacitorPatake; Joshi; 록핸드; 주오심
200904Effects of heavy metals on antioxidants and stress-responsive gene expression in Javanese medaka (Oryzias javanicus)우선옥; 염승식; 박홍석; 이택견; 류재천
200906Stripe domain structure in epitaxial (001) BiFeO3 thin films on orthorhombic TbScO3 substrateC. M. Folkman; S. H. Baek; 장호원; C. B. Eom; C. T. Nelson; X. Q. Pan; Y. L. Li; L. Q. Chen; A. Kumar; V. Gopalan; S. K. Streiffer
200905Electrical properties of Ti/Al ohmic contacts to sulfur-passivated N-face n-type GaN for vertical-structure light-emitting diodes전세연; 성태연; 김현수; 박경수; 박재관; 남궁곤