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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200112Electrochemical properties of diamond-like-carbon coated LiMn2O4 thin films for microbatteries문희수; Kwang-Sun JI; Tae Jung Kim; 조원일; 윤영수; Sung Hoon Chung; 박종완
200008Solid state thin film battery조원일; 윤영수; 남상철
200005Performance analysis of NiO cathode using a molten carbonate fuel cell with gas recycle남석우; 임태훈; 오인환; 하흥용; 홍성안; 임희천
200304Growth and properties of completely amorphous vanadium oxide cathode thin film with Pt co-sputtering method김한기; Tae-Yeon Seong; S. M. Lee; 윤영수
200110A study on cathode dissolution in MCFC with Li₂Co₃/Na₂CO₃ electrolyte양혜경; 서승일; 윤성필; 한종희; 이관영; 남석우; 임태훈; 홍성안
200004Thin film microbattery using copper-doped V2O5(CVO) cathode임영창; 남상철; 윤영수; 조원일; 조병원; 윤경석; 전해수
200411Characterization of Ag-doped vanadium oxide (AgxV2O5) thin film for cathode of thin film battery황호성; 오시형; 김형선; 조원일; 조병원; 이덕열
200404A study on the synthesis and electrode performance of the surface-modified LiCoO2 with ZrO2 by mechanical milling method정운태; 오시형; 조원일; 조병원
200410Synthesis and characterization of LiCo0.99M0.01O2 (M=Co, Mg, Zn, Mn, Al) by acid dissolution process오시형; 이상명; 정운태; 조원일; 조병원
200404Synthesis of Cathode Materials for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries by Acid Dissolution오시형; 정운태; 조원일; 조병원