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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200104A study on endocrine disruptors- Ⅲ : yeast transcriptional assay of alkylphenolic compoundsH.-J. Park; H.-T. Kim; H.-J. Lee; 류재천
200004Study of DK-35C, a carbapenem antibiotics, in forward gene mutation assay in L5178Y mouse lymphoma cells and in vivo cytogenetic assay김정란; 김연정; 권오승; 김명국; 남기홍; 류재천
200012Polychlorinated biphenyl contaminations of water, soils and sediments sampled from various places of Korea박현미; 류재천; 김영만; 이강봉
200112Evaluation of DNA damage in pesticide sprayers using single cell gel electrophoresis이연경; 이도영; 이은일; 이동배; 류재천; 김해준; 설동근
200303Evaluation of endocrine disrupting activities of microbial metabolites of γ-HCH by a yeast detection two hybrid-system이행석; 박주석; 조은민; 문명숙; 太田明德; 류재천
200004Developmental and neurobehavioral effects of mycotoxin fumonisin B1 in rats권오승; 류재천
200010A study on endocrine disruptors: E-Screen assay of newly synthesized plasticizer박효정; 유경호; 류재천
200010Analysis of 4-nitrotoluene in water by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry이희경; 권오승; 류재천
200011Gene expression profile and estrogenicity of dibutylphthalate in MCF7 cells using cDNA microarray and E-screening testKim, H.-T.; 류재천
200012Analysis for DBCP and n-butylbenzene existing in water, soil and sediment samples of Korea박현미; 김지현; 류재천; 김영만; 이강봉