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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200609Genotoxicity Study on Khal, a Halocidin derivative, in Bacterial and mammalian cells김연정; 김미순; 전희경; 류재천
200806Identification of Genes Associated with Early and Late Response of Methylmercury in Human Neuroblastoma cell line김연정; 김미순; 전희경; 류재천
200611Toxicogenomic Analysis of benzophenone-type UV filters using Human cDNA Microarray (KISTCHIP-400) Related to Endocrine System전희경; 김연정; 사르마; 김미순; 류재천
200611Evaluation on Estrogenic Effects of Benzophenone-type UV filters using Gene Expression Profile Analysis전희경; 김연정; 사르마; 김미순; 류재천
200611Toxicogenomic Study on Teratogens in Human Choriocarcinoma (JEG-3) Cells김미순; 김연정; 류재천
200611Gene Expression Profile of Human Placenta Choriocarcinoma (JEG-3) Cells by Exposed to Teratogens김미순; 김연정; 류재천
200705The inhibitory mechanism of methylmercury on differentiation of human neuroblastoma cells김연정; 김영석; 김미순; 류재천
200611Gene Expression Analysis of Human Kidney Proximal Tubular (HK-2) Cells in Response to Nephrotoxicants김미순; 김연정; 손태일; 류재천
200605Toxicogenomic Study on Nephrotoxicants in Human Kidney Proximal Tubular (HK-2) Cells김미순; 김연정; 전희경; 박수현; 손태일; 류재천
200611Identification of Potential New Mechanistic Markers on Direct-Acting Mutagens in Human Hepatocytes (THLE-3)김연정; 김미순; 박수현; 남석우; 류재천