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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200212Micronucleus frequencies in human umbilical cord blood by the supravital staining method박혜경; 이은일; 류재천; 김해준
200209Construction of the detection system of endocrine disrupters using yeast two-hybrid system with human estrogen receptor ligand binding domain and co-activators이행석; 조은민; 류재천
200212Gene expression profiles of dibutyl phthalate and 17β-estradiol using cDNA microarray in MCF7 human breast cancer cell line류재천; 김형태; 김연정
200203Genetic epidemiology of renin-angioensin system in korean populationByung Yong Kang; Joon Seol Bae; Ki Tae Kim; Ju Hyung Oh; Kang Oh Lee; 류재천; Jae Hyoun Kim; Sang Duk Oh; Moon-Young Yoon; Chung Choo Lee
200203Two genetic polymorphisms of the human lipoprotein lipase gene in korean patients with essential hypertensionByung Yong Kang; Kang Oh Lee; Ki Tae Kim; Joon Seol Bae; 류재천; Jae Hyoun Kim; Seok Rhin Lim; Chung Choo Lee
200210Toxicological evaluation of oriental herbal medicine kamijadowhan preparations박영진; 류재천; 최승훈; 권오승
200210진보된 차세대 독성 평가기법류재천
200209Evaluation of the genetic toxicity of synthetic chemicals (IV) - in vitro chromosomal aberration assay with 18 chemicals in chinese hamster lung cells-류재천; 김경란; 김연정
200209진보된 세포, 분자 독성평가기법류재천
200205화학물질의 안전성과 그 이해 : '독성 최소화 ·안전성 확보' 화학물질 가치 활용하는 지혜 가져야류재천