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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200904Effects of heavy metals on antioxidants and stress-responsive gene expression in Javanese medaka (Oryzias javanicus)우선옥; 염승식; 박홍석; 이택견; 류재천
200909Decreased Expression of the Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling 6 in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma배현진; 노지헌; 은정우; 김정규; 정광화; 사홍건; 안영민; 류재천; 박원상; 이정용; 남석우
200909Evaluation of Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity Induced by B[a]A and Its 3,4-diol-1,2-epoxide Metabolite Utilizing a Human In Vitro Hepatocytes Culture System송미경; 김연정; 최한샘; 박용근; 류재천
200909Gene Expression Analysis of Persistent Organic Pollutants(POPs) in Human Hepatocellular Liver Carcinoma Cell Line(HepG2)최한샘; 김연정; 손부순; 류재천
200903Preparation of Folic acid-Chitosan Complex(Eco-Yellow) and Its application for adsorption of Mutagens and Carcinogens전희경; 김연정; 류재천
200903Selection of Aptamers in SELEX Process안지영; 김은경; 류재천; 김소연
200907Gene Expression Profiling of copper-induced responses in the intertidal copepod Tigriopus japonicus using a 6k oligochip microarrayJ.-S. Ki; S. Raisuddin; K.-W. Lee; D.-S. Hwang; J. Han; J-S. Rhee; I.-C. Kim; H.G. Park; 류재천; J.S. Lee
200903Gene expression patterns of environmental chemicals in human cell lines using HazChem Human array박혜원; 김승준; 오문주; 연종필; 하정미; Saswati Paul; 김연정; 류재천; 황승용
200905Transcriptomic configuration of Mouse Brain induced by adolescent exposure to 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine은정우; 곽승준; 노지헌; 정광화; 김정규; 배현진; 사홍건; 류재천; 안영민; 민진혜; 박원상; 이정영; 이규식; 남석우
200908Low frequency mutation of the Ephrin receptor A3 gene in hepatocellular carcinoma배현진; J.H. Song; 노지헌; J.K. Kim; 정광화; 은정우; 사홍건; 류재천; Y.M. Ahn; S.Y. Kim; S.H. Lee; N.J. Yoo; J.Y. Lee; W.S. Park; 남석우