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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200511Enhancement of Efficiency for White-Organic Light-Emitting Diode with a Thin Electron-Blocking Layer박정수; 이주원; 김영민; 배성진; 장진; 김재경; 주병권
200501Switching Characteristics due to the Impurity Concentration and the Channel Length in Lateral MOS-controlled Thyristor김남수; 최지원; 이기영; 주병권; 정태웅
200507Multiwall carbon nanotube gas sensor fabricated using thermomechanical structure조우성; 문승일; 이양두; 이윤희; 박정호; 주병권
200506Manipulation of cells using an ultrasonic pressure fieldAlbrecht Haake; Adrian Neild; 김덕호; 임종은; 선유; Jurg Dual; 주병권
200508Using the chorions of fertilized zebrafish eggs as a biomaterial for the attachment and differentiation of mouse stem cells이진우; 나대석; 채수경; 김충; 강지윤; 주병권; 이황; 김선욱; 황창남; 이상호
200508Low-Temperature Silicon Wafer-Scale Thermocompression Bonding Using Electroplated Gold Layers in Hermetic Packaging박길수; 김용국; 백경갑; 김진상; 이종흔; 주병권
200501Co-doped TiO2 nanowire electric field-effect transistors fabricated by suspended molecular template method이윤희; 유재민; 박동혁; D. H. Kim; 주병권
200501Air-gap type film bulk acoustic resonator using flexible thin substrate강유리; 강성철; 백경갑; 김용국; 김수원; 주병권
200507Improvement of field emission from printed carbon nanotubes by a critical bias field이현재; 문승일; 김재경; 이양두; S. Nahm; 유재은; 한종훈; 이윤희; S. W. Hwang; 주병권