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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200810Role of Al2O3 buffer layer in ZnO-based trransparent thin film transistors with HfO2 gate-insulator장성필; 송용원; 이세한; 이상렬; 주병권
200806Study for increasing property of piezoelectric energy harvester using multi-layer ceramic김형찬; 송현철; 강종윤; 강진규; 주병권; 윤석진
200805Efficient suppression of charge trapping in ZnO-based transparent thin film transistors with novel Al2O3/HfO2/Al2O3 structure장성필; 송용원; 이상규; 이상렬; 주병권
200805Chemical Treatment of Substrates for Improving the Surface Morphology of BiSbTe3 Thin Films on Sapphire권성도; 정대용; 윤석진; 김진상; 주병권
200806Improvement of the hysteresis characteristics in ZnO-based Transparent Thin Film Transistors장성필; 이세한; 송용원; 주병권; 이상렬
200805ZnO-Based Transparent Thin Film Transistors with Minimized Charge Trapping via Multi-Layered Gate Insulators장성필; 이상규; 임재현; 송용원; 이상렬; 권재홍; 주병권
200804High Efficient Piezoelectric Energy Scavenging using 0.7Pb(Mg2/3Nb1/3)O3-0.3PbTiO3 Single Crystal김형찬; 송현철; 정대용; 주병권; 강종윤; 윤석진
200806Electrical characteristics of ZnO based Thin Film Transistors via Overlapped layer between Drain/Source and Gate Electrodes장성필; 이상규; 임재현; 송용원; 이상렬; 권재홍; 주병권
200808Investigation of piezoelectric ceramic size effect for miniaturing the piezoelectric energy harvester김형찬; 정우석; 강종윤; 윤석진; 주병권; 정대용
200804In-situ monitoring of target DNA detection using resonance characteristic variance of the microcantilever최준환; 황교선; 김상경; 주병권; 김태송