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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200001The effect of heat treatments on the electron emission of amorphous carbon film deposited by RF magnetron sputtering method주병권; 장윤택; 이윤희; 안진호; 오명환
200203Application of carbon naotube to the electron gun of the cathode ray tube주병권; 장윤택; 이윤희
200307Fabrication and characteristics of field emitter using carbon nanotubes directly grown by thermal chemical vapor deposition장윤택; 최창훈; 주병권; 안진호; 이윤희
200004Field electron emission from the diode-structure nanotube emitters at low fields주병권; 장윤택; 이윤희; 오명환; 안진호; 박일우
200308Structure and electron emission properties of CN nanostructures obtained by HIP apparatus오정근; 이양두; 문승일; 양석현; 이윤희; 김남수; 주병권; Nam-Soo Kim; Byeong-Kwon Ju
200212Flat lamp fabrication using CNTs grown on glass substrate이양두; 이덕중; 이윤희; 유재은; 박정훈; 김봉철; 주병권
200304Structure and field emission properties of carbon - nitrogen (CN) nanofibers obtained by hot isostatic pressure이양두; V.D. Blank; D.V. Batov; S.G. Buga; 남산; 이윤희; 주병권
200208Observation of field-induces electron emission in porous polycrystalline silicon Nano-structured diode이주원; 김훈; 이윤희; 장진; 주병권
200004Transport properties of the CVD grown carbon nanotube sheet주병권; 장윤택; 김동호; 오명환; 심성엽; 이성철; 이윤희; Byeong-Kwon Ju; Myung-Hwan Oh
200004Fabrication of the triode structure FEA using the directly grown CNTs on Si02-Si substrate and field emission properties장윤택; 서도석; 주병권; 오명환; 안진호; 고창기; 정재훈; 박공석; 이윤희