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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200012Effect of the hybride etching methods on the field emission characteristics of Mo-tip field emitter arrays김훈; 주병권; 이윤희; Jin Jang; 오명환
200303IDW´02 참관기 : FED 연구 동향 요약주병권; 김훈
200001Mo-tip field emitter array having modified gate insulator geometry주병권; 김훈; 이남양
200108Failure mode analysis of Mo-tip FEA cold-cathode in CRT spot-knocking process주병권; 김훈; 박종원; 김남수; 김동호; 이윤희
200108Fabrication and characterization of cold cathode electron-gun of CRT using Mo-tip field emitter array주병권; 김훈; 서상원; 박종원; 이윤희; 김남수
200211Packaging of the MEMS devices using thin silicon wafer박윤권; 김용국; 김훈; 이윤희; 김철주; 주병권
200309Study on the MgO passivated PM-OLED using the tilt & rotate technique김광호; 김훈; 김재경; 도이미; 한정인; 주병권
200208Single crystalline thin film transistor using SOI wafer for the switching device of top emission type AMOLEDs장재원; 김훈; Kwang-Ho Kim; 김재경; 이윤희; 장진; 주병권
200208Study on the structure and morphology of vacuum-evaporated pentacene as a function of the evaporation condition장재원; 김훈; 김재경; 이윤희; 오명환; 장진; 주병권
200301Characterization of the polymer-based organic light emitting diode having inorganic thin film passivation layer.김훈; 김광호; 김재경; 이윤희; 한정인; 도이미; 주병권