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200009Conduction electron resonance and transport properties of a nonaligned carbon nanotube thick film for field emission display이윤희; 김훈; 김동호; 주병권
200010Carrier transport and electron field-emission properties of a nonaligned carbon nanotube thick film mixed with conductivity epoxy이윤희; 김동호; 김훈; 주병권
200001Conduction mechanisms in barium tantalates films and modification of interfacial barrier height이윤희; 김영식; 김동호; 주병권; 오명환
200004Transport properties of the CVD grown carbon nanotube sheet주병권; 장윤택; 김동호; 오명환; 심성엽; 이성철; 이윤희; Byeong-Kwon Ju; Myung-Hwan Oh
200011Effect of substrate temperature on etched feature of thin chromium film and its application서상원; 김훈; 박종원; 이윤희; 박공석; 정재훈; 장진; 김동호; 오명환; 김남수; 주병권; 김훈
200011Development of cold cathode-cathode ray tube (CC-CRT) using Mo-tip field emitter array(FEAs)박종원; 김훈; 서상원; 이윤희; 박공석; 정재훈; 장진; 김남수; 김동호; 주병권
200009Effect of the hybrid-etching methods on the field emission characteristics of Mo-tip field emitter arrays서상원; 김훈; 박종원; 주병권; 박공석; 정재훈; 김동호; 장진; 오명환; 김남수; 이윤희
200005Decrease of electron paramagnetic defect density and enhancement of electron field emission in annealed carbon films이윤희; 김동호; 장윤택; 주병권; 오명환