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200608Improvement of the permeation properties with a thin hybrid - passivation layer to apply the Large-sized Organic Display Devices이주원; 배성진; 박정수; 이영훈; 진병두; 김재경; 장진; 주병권
200609The influence of hole-blocking layer with Poly(N-vinylcarbazole) (PVK) on the performance of organic light-emitting diode이주원; 박정수; 진병두; Jin-Jang; 최진환; 주병권; 김재경
200611The effect of interfacial layer with polymer on the performance of Organic light-emitting Diode이주원; 배성진; 진병두; 김재경; Jin-Jang; 최진환; 주병권
200608Enhancement of barrier properties using ultrathin hybrid passivation layer for organic light emitting diodes배성진; 이주원; 박정수; 김동영; 황성우; 김재경; 주병권
200608Efficient organic light-emitting diodes by insertion a thin lithium fluoride layer with conventional structure김영민; 박영욱; 최진환; 김재경; 주병권
200608Improved field emission by liquid elastomer modification of screen-printed CNT film morphology이현재; 이양두; 조우성; 김재경; 이윤희; 황성우; 주병권
200608Enhanced surface morphologies of screen-printed carbon nanotube films by heat treatment and their field-emission properties이현재; 이양두; 문승일; 조우성; 이윤희; 김재경; 황성우; 주병권
200608Synthesis of double-walled carbon nanotubes by catalytic chemical vapor deposition and their field emission properties이양두; 이현재; 한종훈; 유재은; 이윤희; 김재경; 남산; 주병권
200608Multiwall carbon nanotube sensor for monitoring engine oil degradation문승일; 백경갑; 이윤희; 김재경; 김수원; 주병권
200609Ultrathin silicon micropackaging for RF MEMS devices김용국; 박윤권; 김재경; 김수원; 주병권