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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200103Batch procedure for evaluation of biological phosphorus removal in the intermittently decanted extended aeration process박기영; 안규홍; 송경근; 이재우
200107A study on swine waste treatment using anaerobic sequencing batch reactorPark, Young-Jun; 정태학; 강선홍; 안규홍
200109Adsorption characteristics of phenol and chlorophenols on granular activated carbons (GAC)안규홍; 정민우; 이용훈; 김기팔; 이재성; 박정태; 팽기정
200111Sorption and catalytic oxidation of organic compounds to metal oxide with hydrogen peroxide박종섭; 최희철; 안규홍
200112Economic feasibility of ozonation process for wastewater sludge treatment안규홍; 박기영; 이재우; 맹승규; 황종혁; 송경근; 정민우; 이용훈
200104Evaluation on the adsorption capabilities of new chemically modified polymeric adsorbents with protoporphyrin IX정민우; 안규홍; 이용훈; 김기팔; 이인숙; 이재성; 박정태; 팽기정
200106TiO₂ mediated photocatalytic inactivation of index microorganisms김유미; 이석헌; 안규홍
200109Reduction of sludge by ozone treatment and production of carbon source for denitrification안규홍; 염익태; 박기영; 맹승규; 이용훈; 송경근; 황종혁
200105A study on the removal of manganese in water by chlorine dioxide정지훈; 이석헌; 정순홍; 이용훈; 안규홍
200104Sludge pretreatment for low-moistured cake production권재현; 박기영; 이용훈; 안규홍