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200109Effect of the ionomer impregnation method for the catalytic layer of PEMFCs신석재; 이종국; 하흥용; 오인환; 홍성안; 전해수
200102Effect of preparation method of catalytic layer on the performance of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells이정규; 하흥용; 홍성안; 전해수; 임태원; 오인환
200105Effects of ionomer distribution and catalysts in the anode on the performance of direct methanol fuel cell김준희; 하흥용; 구예모; 오인환; 홍성안; 이호인
200104A study on alcohol oxidation of direct alcohol fuel cell for portable powers윤성렬; 오인환; 홍성안; 하흥용
200106A study on the membrane humidification for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells박세규; 신석재; 하흥용; 이태희; 홍성안; 오인환
200109Modification of the polymer electrolyte membrane for DMFC using the thin Pd-based metal films formed by sputtering technique윤성렬; S.C. Nam; 오인환; 조원일; 홍성안; 하흥용
200106Performance of direct methanol fuel cells using Pd layered polymer electrolyte membrane윤성렬; 오인환; 홍성안; 조원일; 하흥용
200106Operating characteristic of PEMFC at temperature below zero고재준; 오인환; 하흥용; 홍성안; 이관영
200110A study on humidification characteristics of the membrane humidifier for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells박세규; 신석재; 하흥용; 오인환; 홍성안; 이태희
200110Effects of solvent for anode catalyst ink on the direct methanol fuel cell.김준희; 하흥용; 오인환; 홍성안; 김혁년; Ho-In Lee