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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200110Decomposition of industrial wastewater from TPA process with hydrolysis and partial oxidation in supercritical water김영래; 정승준; 임종성; 이윤우; 김재덕; 이성철
200104Synthesis of CF₃I by direct iodination of CF₃COOH on solid catalyst이경환; 김원동; 임종성; 이윤우; 김재덕; 최고열
200110Effect of the entrainer in supercritical CO₂debinding김용호; 임종성; 이윤우; 김소나; 박종구; 이창하
200110Reaction mechanism and kinetics for CSCWO of wastewater in TPA manufacturing process박태준; 임종성; 김재덕; 김성현; 이윤용; 이윤우
200104The effects of process parameters in poly(L-lactic acid) micro and nano particles prepared by Supercritical AntiSolvent (SAS) recrystallization송규호; 임종성; 이윤용; 이창하; 이윤우
200104Phase equilibria of binary mixtures of CFC alternative refrigerant containing HFC-23박기현; 임종성; 이윤우; 김재덕; 이창하
200104Phase behavior of biodegradable polymers in dimethyl ether and dimethyl ether + carbon dioxide국윤모; 이병철; 이영식; 이윤우; 임종성
200104Production of LiCoO₂ nano-particles by hydrothermal synthesis in supercritical water with a continuous flow reactor구성모; 이창하; 임종성; 김재덕; 이윤우
200104Magnetic properties and particle size of barium hexaferrite particles prepared in supercritical water송규호; 임종성; 김재덕; 이윤용; 이윤우
200109Phase behavior of semicrystalline polyester resin in supercritical fluid solvents and solvent mixtures: Implications for supercritical fluid processingS. E. Conway; 임종성; M. A. McHugh; J. D. Wang; F. S. Mandel