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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200101PDP tubeless packaging process using glass-to-glass vacuum-electrostatic bonding주병권; 이덕중; 정진욱; 문권진; 김영조; 이윤희
200110Numerical analysis of bragg reflector type film bulk acoustic wave resonator김주형; 이시형; 안진호; 주병권; 이전국
200106Fabrication and characterization of suspended-type thin film resonator using SOI-micromachining process주병권; 김현호; 이시형; 이전국; 김수원
200110RF-MEMS package with vertical via hole for low loss characteristicYun-Kwon Park; Heung-Woo Park; Duck-Jung Lee; Jung-Ho Park; Chung-Woo Kim; Ci-Moo Song; Chul-Ju Kim; 주병권
200110Gated FEAs using directly grown carbon nanotubes by the rapid thermal CVD methodYoon-Taek Jang; 이윤희; Chang-Hoon Choi; 주병권; Jin-Ho Ahn
200104Microdisplay 기술 및 전망주병권; 이남양
200108Failure mode analysis of Mo-tip FEA cold-cathode in CRT spot-knocking process주병권; 김훈; 박종원; 김남수; 김동호; 이윤희
200106Temperature dependence of field effect function of a direct bridged CNT between ferromagnetic electrodes: Ni as both catalyst and contact electrodeDong-Ho Kim; 이윤희; Chang-Woo Lee; Yoon-Taek Jang; Chang-Hoon Choi; Gyu-Tae Kim; Eun-Kyu Kim; 주병권; Jae-Eun Lee; Young-Soo Hahn; Sang-Soo Yoon; Jin-Koog Shin; Sung-Tae Kim
200107New plasma display panel packaging technology using electrostatic bonding methodDuck-Jung Lee; Jin-Wook Jeong; Young-Cho Kim; 이윤희; 주병권; Tae-Seung Cho; Eun-Ha Choi; Jin Jang
200107A study on the overmoded FBAR filter김희영; 서기원; 김인태; 주병권; 이전국; 김형동