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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200106Development of AC-PDP tubeless packaging method and their operating characteristicsSeung-Woo Choi; 주병권; Duck-Jung Lee; 이윤희; 오명환; Gwon-Jin Moon; Jun-Dong Kim; Jin-Wook Jeoung; Young-Cho Kim
200106Carbon nanotubes cold cathodes for CRTYoon-Taek Jang; 이윤희; Chang-Hoon Choi; 주병권; 오명환; Jin-Ho Ahn; Chang-Ki Go; Hag-Rhym Chu; Jae-Hoon Jung; Gong-Seog Park
200106Effect of deposition temperature on the etched feature of thin chromium film and their application to field emitter arrays(FEAs)Hoon Kim; Jong-Won Park; 주병권; 이윤희; 오명환; Jin Jang
200108PDP tubeless packaging by using epoxy gluing process at room temperatureSeung-Il Moon; Duck-Jung Lee; 오명환; 이윤희; 주병권; Young-Cho Kim; Gwon-Jin Moon; Jun-Dong Kim
200109Fabrication and packaging of the vacuum magnetic field sensor박흥우; 박윤권; 이덕중; 김철주; 박정호; 오명환; 주병권
200104Packaging of the RF-MEMS switch박흥우; 이덕중; 박윤권; 김철주; 박정호; 서용교; 김정우; 송기무; 오명환; 주병권
200104Wafer level sealing technology of MEMS devices using B-stage epoxy박흥우; 박윤권; 이덕중; 김철주; 박정호; 서용교; 김정우; 송기무; 오명환; 주병권
200103Microtunneling sensors for vacuum level evaluation of field emission display devicesH.W. Park; 주병권; Y.K. Park; D.J. Lee; 이윤희; C.J. Kim; J.H. Park; 오명환
200102Carbon nanotube cold electron source for CRT application장윤택; 이윤희; 최창훈; 주병권; 오명환; Jin-Ho Ahn; Chang-Ki Go; Jong-Won Park; Hag-Rhym Chu; Jae-Hoon Jung; Gong-Seog Park
200112Uncooled thermopile infrared detector with chromium oxide absorption layer.이성준; 이윤희; 서상희; 오영제; 김태윤; 오명환; 김철주; 주병권