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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200309Hydrogen production by the thermocatalytic decomposition of methane in a fluidized bed이강규; 한귀영; 윤기준; 이병권
200309The role of copper chloride hydroxides in the oxidative carbonylation of methanol for dimethyl carbonate synthesis한만석; 이병권; 안병성; 김훈식; 문동주; 홍석인
200309Synthesis of hydrogen by direct thermal cracking of natural gas이병권; 임종성; 이상득; 최대기; 공경택
200310CO₂-free hydrogen production by catalytic decomposition of methane over carbon blacksEun Kyoung Lee; 김기훈; 김명환; 한귀영; 이병권; 윤기준
200310Hydrogen production by catalytic decomposition of methane over activated carbons : Deactivation study김명환; 이은경; 전진혁; 한귀영; 공상준; 이병권; 이태진; 윤기준
200310Measurement of vapor-liquid equilibria for the mixture of octafluoropropane(R-218)+hexafluoropropylene(R-1216)호광누; 이병권; 임종성; 김홍곤
200310Vapor-liquid equilibria for 1,1,1,2,3,3-hexafluoropropylene(HFC-236ea)+propane(HC-290) with mixing rule진현상; 박지영; 임종성; 이병권; 양대륙
200311An attempt to solve plugging problem during thermal decomposition of natural gas장훈; 임종성; 이병권; 최대기; 백영순
200304Development of gasoline fuel processor for fuel cell vehicles : fine-grinding characteristics of alumina and development of structured catalyst강동민; 문동주; 류종우; 이상득; 이병권; 홍석인
200306Adsorption equilibria of methane ethane, ethylene, nitrogen, and hydrogen onto activated carbon최병욱; 최대기; 이영환; 이병권; 김성현