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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200601Sol-Gel Transition Behavior of Biodegradable Three-arm and Four-arm Star-shaped PLGA-PEG Block Copolymer Aqueous Solution이수정; 한보령; 박상업; 한동근; 김성철
200611Blood Compatibility of Novel Zwitterionic PEG-coated Nitinol Alloy for Vascular Stents김재훈; 박귀덕; 안광덕; 김종만; 한동근
200611RGD-grafted Porous PLLA Scaffolds for Chondrogenic Differentiation of Stem Cells for Tissue Engineering정현정; 손준식; 박귀덕; 김재진; 안광덕; 한동근
200612Hydroxyapatite Formation on Acrylic Acid-grafted Porous PLLA Scaffolds in Simulated Body Fluid정현정; 박귀덕; 안광덕; 한동근
200604Optimal Hydrophilization and Chondrocyte Adhesion of PLLA Films and Scaffolds by Plasma Treatment and Acrylic Acid Grafting양희석; 박귀덕; 안광덕; 김병수; 한동근
200608Scaffold-Free, Engineered Porcine Cartilage Construct for Cartilage Defect Repair - In Vitro and In Vivo Study박귀덕; 황진송; Frederick Azar; Ri L. Jin; 한동근; 민병현; Karen Hasty
200604Thermosensitive META-Pluronic-Glycolide-Heparin Hydrogel for proliferation and differentiation of adipose-derived stem cell정홍희; 한동근
200610Chondrogenic Differentiation of Stem Cells with RGD-grafted Porous PLLA Scaffolds정현정; 한동근; 박귀덕; 안동준; 안광덕; 박기동
200609Hemocompatibility of Surface Modified Si Incorporated Diamond-like Carbon FilmsR.K. Roy; 박세준; 최헌웅; 이광렬; 김재훈; 한동근; 신지훈
200604Evaluation of Blood Compatability of Nitinol Alloy Coated with Novel Biocompatible Zwitterionic PEG for Peripheral Arterial Stent김재훈; 한동근