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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200612Selective growth of zinc oxide nanowires on the metal electrodes최영진; 박재환; 박재관
200612Selective growth of ZnO nanorods by patterning of sol-gel-derived thin film권석준; 박재환; 박재관
200612Improvement of the thermal and chemical stability of Al doped ZnO films김인호; 구대영; 고지훈; 김동환; 이경석; 정증현; 이택성; 정병기; 백영준; 김원목
200601Luminescence of bound excitons in epitaxial ZnO thin films grwon by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy정연식; 최원국; OV Kononeneko; G.N. Panin
200607Effects of thermal treatment on the formation of the columnar structures in ZnO thin films grwon on p-Si (100) substratesJW Shin; JY Lee; 노영수; 김태환; 최원국
200610The effect of H2 content on characteristics of zinc oxide thin films on a poly ethylene terephthalate substrate prepared by ECR-MOCVD박지훈; 변동진; 이중기
200609Effect of fluorine addition on transparent and conducting Al doped ZnO films김인호; 이경석; 이택성; 정증현; 정병기; 백영준; 김원목
200608Synthesis of ultrawide ZnO nanosheets박재환; 박재관
200604Ferromagnetism in 200-MeV Ag+15-ion-irradiated Co-Implanted ZnO thin filmsBababaraj Angadi; 정연식; 최원국; Ravi Kumar; 정광호; 신상원; 이종한; 송종한; MW Khan; JP Srivastava
200609Correlation between the atomic structures and the misorientation angles of [0001]-tilt grain boundaries at triple junctions in ZnO thin films grwon on Si substratesJW Shin; 이정용; 노영수; 김태환; 최원국