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2016-01Ultrasensitive PbS quantum-dot-sensitized InGaZnO hybrid photoinverter for near-infrared detection and imaging with high photogain최원국; 박민철; 송진동; 황도경; 손동익; 김지훈; 이영택; 유태희; 김홍희; 이윤재; 이희성; Seyed Hossein Shokouh; 이준영; 남승희; 주병권; 임성일
2016-09Low-Subthreshold-Slope Asymmetric Double-Gate GaAs-on-Insulator Field-Effect-Transistors on Si최원준; 송진동; 김형준; 김상현; 김성광; 금대명
2016-02Ultra-high-throughput Production of III-V/Si Wafer for Electronic and Photonic Applications최원준; 송진동; 김상현; 양현덕; 금대명; 박민수; 임주영; 김창주; 윤의준
2016-03Indium-tin-oxide/GaAs Schottky barrier solar cells with embedded InAs quantum dots최원준; 송진동; 김상현; 김호성; 박석인; 박민수; 박정호
2016-10Accurate characterization of mask defects by combination of phase retrieval and deterministic approach박민철; 송진동; 티보르펄티에; 김우식
201404Fabrication of GaAs/Al0.3Ga0.7As Multiple Quantum Well Nanostructures on (100) Si Substrate Using a 1-nm InAs Relief Layer오현지; 박성준; 임주영; N.K Cho; 송진동; W. Lee; 이유종; 명재민; 최원준
201404Effect of Growth Temperature and Quantum Structure on InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Solar Cell박문호; 김호성; 박성준; 송진동; 김상혁; 이유종; 최원준; 박정호
201311Analytic representation of the dielectric functions of InAsxSb1-x alloys in the parametric modelS.Y. Hwang; T.J. Kim; J.S. Byun; 닐리쉬; M.S. Diware; Y.D. Kim; D.E. Aspnes; J.J. Yoon; 송진동
201311Dielectric functions of In1-xAlxSb alloys for arbitrary compositions with parametric modelingMangesh S. Diware; Tae Jung Kim; 윤재진; 닐리쉬; Jun Seok Byun; Han Gyeol Park; Young Dong Kim; 신상훈; 송진동
201310Decay dynamics and exciton localization in large GaAs quantum dots grown by droplet epitaxyP. Tighineanu; R. Daveau; 이은혜; 송진동; S. Stobbe; P. Lodahl