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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-07Broad spectrum alkynyl inhibitors of T315I Bcr-Abl임상민; Xianming Deng; Jianming Zhang; Nathanael S. Gray
2010-12Real refractive indices of α- and β-pinene and toluene secondary organic aerosols generated from ozonolysis and photo-oxidation김화진; Brian Barkey; Suzanne E. Paulson
2010-12Genetic Algorithm Retrieval of Real Refractive Index from Aerosol Distributions that are not Lognormal김화진; Suzanne E. Paulson; Brian Barkey
201008Electrical and optical properties of Ga doped zinc oxide thin films deposited at room temperature by continuous composition spread정근; 최원국; 윤석진; 김현재; 최지원
201003Spreading Performance of Superhydrophilic Fiber Network김성진; 문명운; 이광렬; 장영수; 이대영; 김호영
201003Drop spreading on superhydrophilic microdecorated surface김성진; 문명운; 이광렬; 장영수; 이대영; 김호영
201010Genotoxic effect induced by two pesticides in human HepG2 cell유소연; 김승준; 박혜원; 김준섭; 하정미; 연종필; 오문주; 류재천; 황승용
201011A gene expression profile for knockdown of iodothyronine deiodinases in human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells송미; 김연정; 류우인; 박용근; 류재천
201010Identification of signature miRNA and targeting mRNAs related to benzo[k]fluoranthene exposure송미경; 김연정; 박용근; 류재천
201010Gene Expression Profiles of Occupationally Exposed Workers to Trichloroethylene (TCE)최한샘; 송미경; 김연정; 이은일; 류재천