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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-05태양광-물 분해를 위한 Bi2WO6 광전극의 합성황윤정; 채상윤; 정혜진
201411Composition-tuned SnxGe1xS nanocrystals for enhanced-performance lithium ion batteriesYoung Rok Lim; Hyung Soon Im; Yong Jae Cho; Jeunghee Park; Eun Hee Cha; 조원일
2014-12Effect of TiC addition on SnSbeC composite anodes for sodium-ion batteries김상옥; Il Tae Kim; Arumugam Manthiram
2014-01Therapeutic Targeting of Oncogenic K-Ras by a Covalent Catalytic Site Inhibitor심태보; 임상민; 최환근; Michael E. Pacold; Kenneth D. Westover; Scott B. Ficarro; Rane A. Harrison; Martin Carrasco; John Hunter; 김남두; Xie Ting; Pasi A. Janne; Matthhew Meyerson; Jarrod A. Marto; John R. Engen; Nathanael S. Gray
2014-06In situ selectivity profiling and crystal structure of SML-8-73-1, an active site inhibitor of oncogenic K-Ras G12C임상민; John C. Hunter; Deepak Gurbani; Scott B. Ficarro; Martin A. Carrasco; 최환근; Ting Xie; Jarrod A. Marto; Zhe Chen; Nathanael S. Gray; Kenneth D. Westover
2014-10Pharmacological targeting of the pseudokinase Her3심태보; 임상민; Ting Xie; Kenneth D. Westover; Michael E. Dodge; Dalia Ercan; Scott B. Ficarro; Durga Udayakumar; Deepak Gurbani; 태현섭; Steven M. Riddle; Jarrod A. Marto; Pasi A. Janne; Craig M. Crews; Nathanael S. Gray
2014-08Identification of drug-drug interactions in multi-component based Sochungryoung-tang through up/down regulation of CYP450 isoforms정병화; 이현범; 오현아; 김동학
2014-04Simultaneous determination of CYP isoform substrate and its metabolites using GC-MS정병화; 오현아; 김동학
2014-09A Photochemical Approach to Directing Flow and Stabilizing Topography in Polymer Films김채빈; Joshua M. Katzenstein; Nathan A. Prisco; Reika Katsumata; Zhenpeng Li; Gregory Blachut; Dustin W. Janes; Christopher J. Ellison
2014-09Surface Energy Gradient Driven Convection for Generating Nanoscale and Microscale Patterned Polymer Films using Photosensitizers김채빈; Dustin W. Janes; Dana L. McGuffin; Christopher J. Ellison