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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201601Development of the ReaxFFCBN reactive force field for the improved design of liquid CBN hydrogen storage materials배성진; 여병철; 한상수
201601A robot-assisted behavioral intervention system for children with autism spectrum disorders윤상석; 김혁수; 최종석; 박성기
201601Spatiotemporally Defining Biomolecule Preconcentration by Merging Ion Concentration Polarization곽노균; 강지윤; 김태송
201601Solid-solution alloying of immiscible metals at the nanoscale: Ir and Au박선화; 박현민; 한상수; 한상윤; 송재용
201602Tetrazole Photoclick Chemistry:Reinvestigating Its Suitability as aBioorthogonalReaction and Potential ApplicationsZhengqiu Li; Linghui Qian; Lin Li; Jan C. Bernhammer; Han Vinh Huynh; 이준석; Shao Q. Yao
201602Effect of RF power on the structural, optical, and sensing properties of RF-sputtered Al-doped ZnO thin filmsN. Srinatha; 노영수; Vinayak B. Kamble; Sujoy Chakravarty; N. Suriyamurthy; Basavaraj Angadi; A. M. Umarji; 최원국
201602Synthesis and optoelectronic characteristics of 20 nm diameter silver nanowires for highly transparent electrode filmsEun-Jong Lee; Yong-Hoe Kim; 황도경; 최원국; Jin-Yeol Kim
2016-06Virtual Surgical Planning System for Mandible Reconstruction박세형; 이득희; 김래현; 조현철; 김영준; 김한나; 심응준; 이정우
2016-04운동 의도에 따른 뇌파-근전도 신호 간 연결성 분석김래현; 김병남; 김연희; 권규현; 장원혁; 유선국
2016-06Inflammatory signals induce the expression of tonicity-responsive enhancer binding protein (TonEBP) in microglia.허은미; 임선경; Ga Ram Jeong; Yun-Hee Bae; Eun Su Park; Byung Kwan Jin; Hyug Moo Kwon; Beom-Joon Lee; Youngmin Bu; Byoung Dae Lee