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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09Intravenous morphine self-administration alters accumbal microRNA profiles in the mouse brain임혜인; 김주환; 문창종
2017-09A Novel and Facile Route to Synthesize Atomic Layer MoS2 Film for Large-area Electronics김수민; 이주송; 김기강; Stephen Boandoh
2017-01Forebrain-specific ablation of phospholipase Cγ1 causes manic-like behaviorYR Yang; JH Jung; S-J Kim; K Hamada; A Suzuki; HJ Kim; JH Lee; O-B Kwon; YK Lee
2017-07Surface design of separators for oil/water separation with high separation capacity and nmechanical stability구혜영; 장우리; 임용택; 한나라; 정우영; 오민; 한승완; 최원산
2017-03Synthesis of alumina?carbon composite material for the catalytic conversion of furfural to furfuryl alcohol이현주; 하정명; 제정호; 임서연; 김민수; 피델리스
2017-03Amine-Functionalized Covalent Organic Framework for Efficient SO2 Capture with High Reversibility이현주; 이상영; 이주현; 휴엔; 김상원; 박태호
2017-01Particle filter and clustering based robust positioning algorithm in the WiFi weak signal environment김재헌; 이택진; 방재원; 유보선; 신범주
2017-05Anti-inflammatory effects and corresponding mechanisms of cirsimaritin extracted from Cirsium japonicum var. maackii Maxim신명숙; Jun Yeon Park; Jaemin Lee; Hye Hyun Yoo; Dae-Hyun Hahm; Sang Cheon Lee; Sanghyun Lee; Gwi Seo Hwang; Kiwon Jung; Ki Sung Kang
2017-05Unveiling the Electronic Structure of ZnO?C60 Core?Shell Quantum Dots:The Origin of Efficient Electron Transport손동익; 이규승; Gyeongho Hyun; Soohyung Park; Junkyeong Jeong; Hyunbok Lee; Yeonjin Yi
2017-01Toxicological Evaluation of Topoisomerase Inhibitors in a Model Animal, Caenorhabditis elegans강경수; 김주연; 이소영; 정유진